The sensory-motor reading approach of the
THE COPY-WRITE© READING KIT developed by Imagic Programs is excellent
for children who have not been exposed to reading as a baby.
This method helps children experience how words are put together and they are able to "write"
words and sentences even though they do not yet possess the dexterity to write, and most of all, they remember the letter sequence of a word or sentence.

Sharing a story with Dad

3-year olds (copying) writing using with colorful letters
using The COPY-WRITE© Reading Kit
By learning to "copy/write" words and sentences,
they are learning to "read"

The complete reading kit includes:
1 set of 500 alphabet letters,
101 templates/lesson plan,
1 wooden tray
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With the help of 101 templates/lesson plan and a set of 500 alphabet letters and a wooden tray children "write" words and small phrases and in so doing children internalize the process of writing. This sensory-motor approach is the basis of the Montessori method of teaching. With The COPY-WRITE Reading Kit, children are able to "write" words long before they achieve fine motor control. This activity will teach your child to read as well as facilitate his writing and spelling. Included in the kit is the IMAGIC READING Guide, which gives parents and educators instructions on implementing an effective reading program.

Please note: The sensory-motor approach of the COPY-WRITE© method is also excellent for children with learning disabilities such as ADD, dyslexia and autism.

Made of crepe rubber, these bumpy textured and brightly colored alphabet letters will enliven early literacy experience. One child or a group of children can spell their names, write simple words, build sentences, and create crosswords. Lower case is in 6-to-1 ratio with capitals (1 1/4" tall). Washable letters last for years.

For safety reasons, it is not suitable for children under three because the letters could be put in the mouth.

Unlimited uses for 3 to 9-year olds.



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