“The difference between the right word and the almost right word” said Mark Twain,
“is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”

The imagical Power of Etymology was created to give young children a better understanding of words.
Etymology possess a magical power because by learning one root, children gain understanding
of many other words they might not have seen or heard before.





Etymology is the study of the true meaning of words by going back to their origins.  Students will discover the amazing power of etymology and find that by learning the root of a single word, they will acquire an immediate understanding of the meaning of many other words derived from the same root.  Syllables will not longer be meaningless to them but will have a clear and precise meaning.

Parents and educators will see great rewards when students show improved reading comprehension and higher self-esteem as a result of improved test scores.

Etymology comes from the Greek word etymos = true







TELE means DISTANCE (as far away)

Teleconference = Distance + conference
Telegram = Distance + record
Telephone = Distance + hear
Television = Distance + vision (see)
Telescope = Distance + view
Telecommunication = Distance + communicate
Telegraph = Distance + written
Teleport = Distance + carry



Children love it!
Because it is logical and fun!
The experience is even more dynamic in a group situation of
two or more students because it becomes a game.



Suitable for first and secondary grade
with children who know how to read.



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